Software development house planned


Top German software corporation SAP announced its plans to establish a software development house in Pakistan having a capacity to train 5000 students. 

Currently, SAP is providing digital solutions to the top Pakistani companies in the public and private sectors, helping them to achieve higher growth. All major systems-related companies in Pakistan including IBM, Systems Limited, and Siemens work with SAP. 

SAP Country Managing Director, Saquib Ahmad said that the company was underway acquiring regulatory approval for setting up a Software Development Centre in Pakistan. 

“We are hopeful to obtain all regulatory approvals from different institutions including the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) by next year,” he remarked. 

With regard to a possible waiver in taxes, Ahmad explained that the company would follow the tax system in place and would not seek any waiver in this regard. 

As the company had still to identify a place at which the center would be built, Ahmad believed that it would “create job opportunities for the Pakistani youth”. 

Explaining the key role of the internet in providing digital services he commented, “5G technology will boost businesses by implementing digital solutions. We need to work with the best practices followed worldwide and the Software Development Centre will help in this regard.” 

Moreover, responding to a query regarding the security of sensitive information, he highlighted that, “SAP ensures and controls security at all levels. We guarantee full compliance with all governmental protocols and ensure that all relevant information stays within Pakistan.” 

“There have been reports of disruption in services due to unavailability of devices, like chip delay in different countries, but we have never faced such an issue of disruption in digital services,” Ahmad noted. 

He further stated that “SAP was also providing digital solutions like predictive analysis for behavior assessment whose accuracy was close to 99%.” 

The MD added that SAP had witnessed double-digit growth every year in Pakistan. “Profits of our customer companies also increased as they expanded and achieved export targets due to the implementation of digital solutions,” adding “Digital transformation could help create a larger international footprint for Pakistan.”