RUDA launches drive to attract investors


A campaign was launched to draw the attention of the investors to Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) Industrial Zone and in this regard, huge billboards had been displayed at several places on Tuesday.

On the direction of CEO RUDA Imran Amin, Ravi Industrial Association in Ravi City initiated a drive to register factories in the industrial zone intended to provide advanced facilities and standard infrastructure to manufacturers. Speaking about the enrollment drive, the RUDA CEO stated world-class infrastructure would be provided in the industrial zone soon and manufacturers would be part of the movement and would establish their industries.

Meanwhile, Zia-ul-Haq Butt, chairman of the State Association, was pleased with the innovative step and said because of the drive many traders of Misri Shah praised the initiative of the authority and now businesses have started to be developed on Turkey Road and a number of factory owners have also acquired farms.

Last month, (RUDA) has publicized pre-registration for its Smart Residential Complex, ‘Chahar Bagh Condominiums – Ehata Almigir’, as per an advertisement on the RUDA’s official website. The inventory of the project includes one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, studios, as well as penthouses.

The project is named ‘Ehata Almigir,’ which means ‘Neighborhood of the Emperors’. The project is being developed as part of Lahore’s major smart housing project, branded as ‘Modern, Majestic, and Smart’- the first of its kind in the city of gardens. 

Moreover, the authority’s Director of Investor Relations Fardan Khalid recently invited the business community in Faisalabad to make an investment in its ‘New Lahore City project, sources reported.

During a meeting with a delegation of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI), Director Fardan stated that the project is a flagship effort with well-paid business opportunities and potential for the commercial community of Lahore city. He added that the project will comprise 2,000 acres of land and will have specialized units for government officials, knowledge, entertainment, sports, tourism, commercial, downtown, and industrial regions.