Karachi to Get a Digital Map to Help Public in Navigation


The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has started developing a digital map called ‘Know Your Karachi’ on the directions of Administrator Karachi, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, in an effort to help citizens and tourists navigate the metropolis. 

For this purpose, Municipal Commissioner, Syed Afzal Zaidi, called for a meeting and stated that it will be available on KMC’s website shortly, and added that the efforts to increase the provision of public services with technology will continue. 

“The process of improving the delivery of civic services with the help of modern technology would continue,” he added. 

Moreover, Barrister Wahab examined the progress of the map for the first time and said that it aims to display key information about the city, including municipal services, union councils, fire stations, police stations, hospitals, universities, libraries, public places, bus routes, parks, post-boxes, etc. 

He also asked the people to share feedback and suggestions for further improvement. He highlighted that metropolises all around the world provide such facilities for the convenience of the public and tourists. He affirmed that Karachi is one of the biggest cities internationally and this initiative will be beneficial for the residents. 

Emphasizing the need for meeting the revenue targets, he directed the Estate Department to improve tax recovery by all means. 

Meanwhile, Estate Director, Samira Hussain, apprised of several challenges and detailed that work is under progress to enhance revenue collection and assured the Administrator that it will improve soon. 

While reviewing the condition of recovery of taxes under the estate department, Wahab stated all the revenue departments should mobilize their staff and make all efforts to make the best possible use of the existing means of tax recovery. 

The map will enable the citizens to get convenience in terms of transportation and travel in the city. “Karachi is also among the big cities of the world, so the new digital map will be useful here too,” the Barrister added.