Islamabad To Start 2 New Metro Bus Projects


The federal capital will have two new metro bus projects between Bhara Kahu to Faizabad and Rawat to Faizabad after the federal government has made a token allocation of Rs.1.5 billion against the total cost of Rs.20 billion for these two mega-projects.

The Public Sector Development Program comprised two new metro bus projects each costing Rs.10 million, but Rs.500 million is allotted for Bhara Kahu to Faizabad Metro Bus and Rs.1000 million for Rawat to Faizabad Metro Bus, which will be consumed in the next fiscal year.

Soon after the development of these two new metro tracks, the capital city will become fully integrated with an advanced metro bus service as two metro routes from Faizabad to Secretariat and Peshawar Mor to New International Airport have already been made operational. A total of 15 buses were borrowed from the Punjab Transport Authority to make the latter project operational.

It is worth mentioning that while keeping the problems of the citizens, the present Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed has already started work to run temporary bus services on current routes as stopgap arrangements.

Moreover, the CDA official said that work to construct bus stations has already been started and most probably 15 buses will be on the road shortly on these routes. Out of the total, 5 buses will travel between Bhara Kahu to Faizabad while 10 buses will be operated from Rawat to Faizabad.

Sources stated that currently, both the new metro bus services are in the planning phase and consultants are engaged in designing the project after which the same will be awarded in the coming years.

As per a study conducted earlier, there will be four metro bus tracks in Islamabad named after different colors red, green, orange, and blue. Right now, the red and orange routes are functional while the aforementioned funds are allocated for the rest of the two routes; green and blue.