CDA Set to Launch Electric Buses for Public Transport in Islamabad


Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced to launch of electric buses for the intracity commute. 

CDA officials told the media that these electric buses will soon run on 6 different public transport routes. The department will also set up space for charging stations for the buses. 

The authority will open the tender for bus consultancy on 12th October. The first consignment of electric buses will arrive in Islamabad by the end of December. CDA will establish three base stations for e-buses. 

Sources reported that the launch of electric buses has been on CDA’s agenda for the past few years. The authority also started testing these buses in the twin cities a few days ago. According to the latest reports, a tangible follow-up to those plans may be inbound. 

Moreover, CDA is looking forward to launching 13 new bus routes in two phases. In this regard, CDA Chairman, Capt. (Retd.) Usman Younis said that the first phase includes the provision of transport on six congested routes while during the second phase, the administration will procure buses for seven additional routes. 

CDA chief also stated that the authority will also start a route from Faizabad to Pir Wadhai after the completion of the IJP road, adding that PIMS will serve as the new routes’ hub, connecting the service to Red Line and Orange Line Metro buses. 

Meanwhile, CDA is engaged in evaluating the feasibility of all routes and is preparing tender documents for several contractors. The department says that its goal is to reduce people’s reliance on private means of transportation to save fuel costs and the environment. 

These electric buses, the CDA chief said, will be widespread over the coming years, just like private electric vehicles (EVs) and taxis, and these initiatives will help the world move towards a more sustainable and more intelligent mobility system that increases the quality of life for everyone.