CDA Develops Word’s Largest Urban Miyawaki Forest in Islamabad


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has successfully set up the world’s largest Urban Miyawaki Forest in association with a private organization. 

The forest was inaugurated by the CDA Chairman, Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Yunus, and the Managing Director (MD) of Mari Petroleum, Faheem Haider. The inauguration was done by planting saplings in the H-12 Sector of Islamabad. Other concerned CDA officials were also present at the occasion. 

According to the sources, the forest has an area of 17 acres (740,520 square feet). At first, the 20,000 large-sized saplings of different species have already been planted, however the plantation will continue, making the forest larger gradually. A special protective fence has also been installed to protect the plantation. 

During the ceremony, the CDA chief expressed his gratification toward Mari Petroleum for participating in the project. He said that 20,000 new plants will add to Islamabad being a green city and that CDA is looking forward to launch more plantation campaigns in cooperation with other departments as well. 

He added that this being the largest Miyawaki forest, special arrangements were made to guarantee its safety by the CDA administration. Last year in 2021, ex-PrimeMinister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan inaugurated the then-largest urban Miyawaki forest, covering an area of 12.5 acres in Lahore. 

The CDA chairman further stated that considering the environmental pollution, though the amount of saplings to be planted are few, however the CDA administration is trying to plant more saplings. 

It is to be mentioned that Akira Miyawaki is a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology who pioneered the Miyawaki Forest technique of tree plantation. 

Following the technique, trees are planted in close proximity to each other and during the initial stages, the plants compete for space, light, and water, resulting in rapid development. The plants under this method develop 10 times faster than normal plantation.