Balochistan’s Heavenly Sonmiani Beach is one of the Loveliest to Find Solace in


In Balochistan’s Lasbela District, Sonmiani Beach is located near Sonmiani Bay. The shelf that encircles the Bay is 125.25 sq km in size and is 80 km wide. It is commonly recognized that the coastal regions of Balochistan have the potential to become Pakistan’s economic hubs. These areas are the finest places to establish industrial and commercial zones because of their proximity to ports. 

Sonmiani Beach has a variety of fish species including the Portuguese man-of-war. Among the numerous invertebrate species found there are protozoa, annelids, and mollusks. 

According to the sources, there are numerous marine plants in the area. More than 350 distinct fish species are known to exist in the region. The Sonmiani Bay region of Miani Hor is where the shrimp trawling grounds lie, and shrimping is another activity carried out in shallow waters. Important fish species include pelagic, demersal, shrimp, lobster, crab, and even sharks. 

Moreover, there are significant populations of migratory and local aquatic birds nearby. 

In the winter, Sonmiani generally receives more than 20,000 birds from 52 species. It is a certified Ramsar site in Pakistan. 

The area is also recognized by the WWF as one of the top 200 eco-regions in the world and as a prime example of a crucial habitat type. It is a part of the Arabian Sea Ecoregion. It is the home of pelicans, flamingos, grebes, herons, cranes, storks, gulls, and terns. 

Talking to the media, the officials of the beach said that there are a few activities that people can do on the beach apart from enjoying the weather itself. But for that visitors must have to inform the management 24 hours prior as they need to arrange this facility on demand. 

  • Boat ride – it costs 10,000 PKR for 6 hours 
  • Camel/horse ride – 500 PKR for half an hour 
  • Bonfire/BBQ – 1,000 PKR each 
  • Beach buggy – 1,000 PKR for half an hour 
  • swings that children can enjoy free of cost