AJK housing sector to be modernized


Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that the government is looking forward to modernizing the housing sector in Azad Kashmir to effectively address the challenges of the growing population and inadequate housing.
The premier expressed his opinions while talking to a delegation headed by former chairman Housing Task Force Punjab Atif Ayub Mayo at Jammu Kashmir House, Islamabad on Monday.
He stated that measures would be taken to uplift cities and towns, and orders had been issued to the concerned sectors regarding town planning.
“Practical steps are being taken to ensure uniform development all across the liberated territory”, Ilyas Khan said, adding that the time to fulfill the promises made to the people in general elections had started.
Underlining his government’s commitment to bring real change in Azad Kashmir, PM said, “World will see, we will make it [AJK] a real paradise for tourists without affecting its natural beauty and landscape.” In addition to the tourism sector, he said, the county also possesses great potential for the cottage industry.
The meeting was attended by Azhar Advocate, Haji Shahid, Malik Rafaqat, Mahmood Raza, Adnan Sheikh, and others.

Moreover, the prime minister added: “PTI’s sole mission is to serve people with utmost honesty, and for that purpose, we will use all the resources to uplift the lower class in Azad Kashmir and solve the problems of the people”.

He maintained that the citizens of the AJK reposed their trust in the leadership of the PTI, “They trusted us and brought us to power.”

PM said that the government’s main focus was to initiate such schemes that besides giving employment to the people at the local level would also increase the state’s revenue. He said that funds would be reserved in the upcoming budget for the promotion of tourism. “We will try to give maximum relief to the people in spite of economic problems”.

With regard to promoting investment in Azad Kashmir, he said, various steps would also be taken on a priority basis, adding, “There is a conducive environment for investors in Azad Kashmir.”